Friday, January 15, 2016

A Season Of Seeing Hearing & Knowing

I was first given this prophetic word on March 3, 2013; but here lately I have seen a greater and growing manifestation of this word in many circles so I sensed to share it again.
For you are entering into a Higher Level and a Fresh Dimension in the realm of Seeing, of Hearing and of Knowing. For when you take time in My presence, when you rest and linger in My presence, you open yourself up to Downloads from Heaven. For when you are rushed and hurrying and scurrying through the service the way that you rush and hurry and scurry through life; you miss the Downloads from Heaven. For some things only come to those that have learned the secret and the art of waiting in My presence.
Sometimes, you just have to rest, sometimes, you just have to be still, and sometimes you just have to linger…and it’s in those moments and it’s in those times that revelation does come…that the Downloads of Heaven come. It’s in those moments that all of a sudden the things that have perplexed you, as it were like in the cartoon, the light goes on and you suddenly see and it makes sense. It’s in those moments that the download of My Spirit comes and your eyes are opened and they are illumined and you begin to see.
It’s in those moments that you hear the still small voice of My Spirit inside of your spirit. For when you’re busy and hurried and scurried you can’t hear His voice…because you’re too busy. But when you take that time, in the stillness and in the quiet; learn from the Prophet, who saw the mighty wind but God was not in it, who felt the earth shake and quake but God was not in it, but then there was the still, small voice…and it’s in these lingering moments that you hear that still, small voice.
Know this day that you are transitioning to a place that you have not been, for you are learning to wait, you are learning to linger and you are learning to rest. And in these moments a whole New Dimension of My Spirit is opened unto you and many of you have been prodded by My Spirit with thoughts that you didn’t understand. And many of you have had glimpses of things either as flashing pictures across your mind’s eye or within your spirit, that didn’t seem to make sense and that you didn’t understand…you couldn’t articulate what you saw; in these moments the understanding does come.
I’m raising you up into a New Level and a New Dimension of Seeing and Hearing and Knowing. It’s one thing to see…it’s another thing to know what it means. It’s one thing to hear…but it’s something else to know what it means. I’m raising you up into the place of Seeing and Hearing and Knowing…that not only will you See…not only will you Hear…but you will Know.